About Us

We are a family owned restaurant that serves Mediterranean food at an affordable price here in Greenville, NC. Established in 2013, our owner and his family wanted to create a family friendly environment for all to enjoy authentic Mediterranean food, from Gyros and Kabobs to Shawarma and Falafels.

Our Promise

We guarantee that each meal is simply prepared, healthy and delicous, all while maintaining the flavors of Middle Eastern cuisine in an atmosphere that is clean and welcome to all.

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Reviews and Testimonials

Shawn Nicholson

"My wife and I dined here a few times after hearing about this place, both online and offline. Honestly, it’s all true; the have AMAZING food! I had a gyro that you’d just have to taste for yourself to understand. The staff are professional and the owner is über friendly. Check them out, I know I will (again)!"

Ashley Crouse

"We ordered the Bateeni sampler and I got the falafel pita (gyro style) and wow! I have not found Mediterranean food this good in a long time. Their tzatziki is amazing and their falafels are some of the best I’ve ever had. I couldn’t stop eating the cabbage that comes with the sampler even when I was stuffed. Will absolutely be back!"

LaQuandra Hudnell

"Customer service would keep you coming back even if the food wasn’t soooooo amazing! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK"

Bethany Haskins

"I had THE BEST experience at Bateeni today. It was a pleasure to meet Sharaz. She was incredibly sweet and helpful, my gyro was delicious and the dessert was amazing! I can’t wait to go back."

Shelby Jolly

"Absolutely amazing food! My husband and I 100% recommend eating here! The food was so great! We have been craving something different than or normal go to places so I said lets order from here. Hit the spot! We will definitely be ordering again very soon!!"

Amie Edge

"Their food is amazing. I didn’t like falafels until I had one from here"

Lynda Kachman

"Excellent Food and wonderful service! The owner and his family are amazing!"

Joseph Hetzler

"Ate there today for the first time. VERY good and great service. If you leave there hungry, it’s your own fault. Will recommend and be back. Thank you!"